JapanHDV – Kotori Shirayuki gets fucked outside today in a Tokyo park


The last time we saw Kotori Shirayuki was in the back of a van we had been driving around Tokyo. We had her back there and we were getting wild. She had her panties down around her ankles and she had her top open and her bra pulled down. Her tits were out and she had slid down low in the van chairs so no one from outside could see. She had her legs spread open and her pussy was being fingered and played with. At the end of that video we introduced her to a remote control vibrator. We shoved it in her pussy and told her we were going to take a walk in the park. We told her she could do that naked or in her clothes and she choose in her dress. We had the remote control in our hands and as she walked we would stimulate the vibrator and her pussy would get a strong vibration. She would get a shock and then almost stumble it was so hard. She was really getting stimulated in the park today. We even got down under her dress with our cameras to see up her skirt. We pulled her panties up tight! She was so sexy as we took a look under her skirt at her panties full of a vibrator. She looked so good we got behind her and right there in the middle of the park we pulled her tits out of her bra. How sexy that was to be outside and her tits out in our hands! Now that we were so horny and the her pussy was wet, we did not want to waste it! So, we… Go see what we did outside that day in the park in Tokyo!