BangBus: Heat Will Make Her Cheat – Ahh Dee


Driving by what we thought was a prison we catch Dee walking. It’s such a hot day here we honestly got her on the bus with just some cold water. She told us she had a boyfriend so no funny business. For a few dollars we got her to flash her tits, but the real show was her humongous ass. She pulled her tight jeans down and had just a piece of thread she called panties lost in it. Lucky Jay was here to help her pull it out. He spilled some water on her ass and while trying to help her clean it up, he tripped and his dick fell into her. Dee did not go crazy, but actually was grateful to be getting dicked down in some ac. Her pussy was good and hot. Jay painted her face, and she refused to wipe it off. If she really has a boyfriend she is going to have some explaining to do. You’ve seen these before so you know what happens next…vroom.

Actors: Ahh Dee