BangBus: The 1000 Dollar Lap Dance – Remy Woods


Remy Woods was doing her morning walk when the guys in the white van pulled up next to her. The usual luring with $100 bills worked and in no time Remy was hooked in the more money loop. She twerked with Johnny. But the price for a lap dance kept goin higher and higher. Until at $1000 Remy finally got into the van. Here things went fast. Obviously for $1000 it must be a naked lap dance. And in no time Johnny’s dick was out and by accident it slipped during the lap dance into her vagina and the big butt fucking started and was only paused to give him a blowjob. Then they fucked and more and her butt was shaking like there was an earth quake in San Francisco. In the end Johnny aimed at her face but some cum shot too hight and missed but luckily most of it landed in her face and mouth.