ShopLyfter Case No. 7906282: The Concealed Flute – Aubry Babcock


Aubry Babcock thinks that playing the sweet, innocent girl will get her out of her latest shenanigan, but Officer Rusty Nails isn’t easily fooled by hot young girls. The girl was browsing for musical instruments until a flute disappeared from the store, and it was obvious that she had hidden it somewhere. Rusty takes her back for questioning, but he senses some resistance on her behalf, so he has to proceed with a pat down. Feeling Aubry’s boobs makes her uncomfortable, but it’s all part of the security guard’s duty, and he has to be thorough with it. With the first inspection giving little result, Rusty has to take extra measures and strip her down to check for the lost flute. He rubs Aubry’s beautiful boobs once more, and his hands go down to the girls’ holes. Oddly enough, as she fingers Aubry, he realizes that she’s clenching. Surprise! The musical instrument was deep inside of her. Aubry tries to play naive once more but is useless–she’s been caught! Now, she will have to show Rusty what else can fit inside her to go free.

Actors: Aubry Babcock