ShopLyfterMYLF Case No. 6615431: The Dress Thief – Kenzie Taylor


Loss prevention officer Ryan apprehends Kenzie when she is suspected of shoplifting. It’s clear that she has a dress under her dress, and even though she knows she’s in deep trouble, Kenzie tries to play it cool, as though she is intentionally wearing two dresses. Ryan is obviously not buying it, but he plays along because Kenzie is pretty hot. This whole act is actually cute, though he can’t just let her get off the hook because she’s hot. When Ryan leaves the room, Kenzie quickly removes the stoled dress from her body and attempts to hide the evidence. Unknown to her is that security cameras in the room catch her in the act. Ryan returns and explains the consequences of her actions. He conducts a strip search. Kenzie’s tits look marvelous when they fall out of her black dress. Ryan can’t help but feel a little lucky in this scenario. There he was, alone in a back office with this stunningly hot milf. Kenzie knows Ryan’s type, and she is confident this isn’t the first time he’s had a woman strip in this office…

Actors: Kenzie Taylor