ShopLyfterMYLF Case No. 6615433: The Lingerie Thief – Molly Manning


Molly had never caused any problems for anyone in her life. She lived by the rules and had always been reserved, but when push came to shove, she had a kinky side that needed to be fed. Thinking she’ll be able to get away easily, Molly steals from a local clothing store. But she isn’t as slick as she believes, and before she can make her escape, she is reprimanded by loss prevention officer Dorian. In Dorian’s office, Molly faces strict interrogation. She swears her innocence, but Dorian isn’t buying it. After checking security footage, Dorian needs Molly to cooperate in a more thorough search. When Dorian wants to conduct a strip search, Molly knows the jig is up. She removes her clothes, and underneath, she has on lacy red lingerie…

Actors: Molly Manning