ShopLyfter Case No. 7906286: The Bikini Thief – River Lynn


River is going on a Caribbean cruise with her family. This is her first cruise ever, so she’s excited to flirt with hot boys. However, her strict family refused to buy her any sexy bikinis. Upset, River decides to take matters into her own hands by skipping school, going to the mall, and shoplifting some bikinis. Feeling freaky, the girl hides the sexy swimsuit under her clothes, but Officer Pounder catches her on camera and takes her to the back for questioning. During the process, Will notices River’s sassy and carefree attitude, so he decides to search for the stolen goods under her jacket and top. The bikinis pop up as soon as she starts stripping, making the security guard think he should dive deeper and get River fully naked. The girl continues to fake indifference until the officer does a cavity search, pushing his fingers inside her hole to ensure nothing is concealed there. Worried that she might lose her trip, River tries to strike a deal with the officer: he can fuck her if he lets her walk away. The officer observes the beautiful blonde’s curves and accepts the deal, pulling out his cock to put the girl’s mouth to a better purpose. River sucks the guy’s cock timidly ‘til Will starts fucking her mouth with raw passion. He had been lusting for her since he detained her, so he won’t stop until he pounds her sweet pussy and deposits all of his creamy load on the young perp’s face.

Actors: River Lynn