ShopLyfterMYLF Case No. 6615434: Model Thief – Jessica Ryan


No one escapes the law, not even hot models with long trajectories such as Jessica Ryan. The bodacious milf has been struggling lately to land new gigs because she’s been asked to lose some weight. Unfortunately, she cannot really afford the dieting pills, so she tries stealing them, triggering the mall’s security alarms. Now, she’s taken back for questioning by Officer Vegas, the lustful guard who can’t resist a sexy milf. Knowing that Jessica is hiding something, the security guard strips her and conducts a thorough cavity search. As he fingers her holes, the pills finally appear, incriminating the veteran model. Humiliated and desperate to get out of this sticky situation, Jessica accepts playing with the officer’s cock, stuffing her mouth with it. With the power of her luscious pussy, Jessica rides Jack’s cock, getting pounded on the cold office table, moaning with a mixture of pleasure and distaste after learning that crime doesn’t pay.

Actors: Jessica Ryan