ShopLyfter Case No. 7906292: We Need Backup – Penelope Woods


Penelope is shopping at the mall with her stepdad Mike when they both get detained by rookie officer Elias Cash. Confused, Mike threatens Elias and inquires about what happened to Penelope when the young security guard goes looking for his supervisor. It seems that Penelope really wanted a speaker but Mike didn’t want to buy it, so she decided to steal instead. Suddenly, there are three offices in the room: Elias, Jack, and Ken. They know the young girl is a shoplifter, so they’ll have to conduct a thorough cavity inspection on her in front of her stepdad. Upon stripping her, the officers finger her pussy to ensure nothing is concealed in there. Mike tries to avert the gaze, but can’t stop looking at his stepdaughter getting checked by the security guards. After the inspection, the officers have enough evidence to press charges, but they are horny as fuck and willing to let the girl go if they can fuck her. Penelope is disgusted with the idea, but her stepdad is afraid of things getting worse, so convinces her to let the officers do whatever they want with her. The guards tag-team to pound their pussy and document the whole situation on camera. They want to ensure that Penelope learns her lesson, and there’s only one way to do it: a creamy facial!

Actors: Penelope Woods